The exquisite beauty of natural stone and the skilful craft of stonemasonry are brought to
the fore in this modern family home, with sculptural elements that are compelling on their
own, and even more impressive together. Scalpellino House celebrates the Bartucca family’s
legacy of stonemasonry, with stone being the showpiece of every room. Precise design
detailing and challenging craftsmanship glorify the beauty and character of the stone,
creating truly unique joinery and spaces that elevate and enhance the pristine materiality.
Honed bluestone connects the entrance, spine wall and staircase, and dramatic Cosmic Gold
granite unifies the kitchen, dining and living area. The bathrooms and powder room are
immersive spaces enveloped with marble. Elba is soft and calming in the ground-floor
bathrooms, while Concordia is striking and theatrical in the powder room.


Design – Biasol
Architect – Architecton
Photography – Timothy Kaye